10 random facts you didn’t know about shoes

  1. More than half of the collection of the most famous shoe-addict Imelda Marcos was eaten by termites. Never leave your shoes in the attic or basement! They are worth that dream-walk-in-shoe-closet to keep them safe.
  2. All shoes are made on a last. This form determines the shape of the shoe. For every different toe shape, heel height or shoesize, a different last is needed.
  3. The ‘perfect’ size for a woman’s foot is 37. All sample sizes are made in that size, because the proportions of the foot look best at that size.
  4. The toe (front part) of a high heel shoe should never be flat or touch the ground. There should be room for a small pencil underneath, otherwise the shoes will wear off very quickly.
  5. There are specific sewing machines for shoes, different from sewing machines for clothes.
  6. At this moment the most expensive pair of shoes costs 3 million dollars. It is a replica of the Wizard of Oz’s Ruby slippers, entirely covered with real rubies and diamonds.
  7. People used to put a shoe in the brickwork of their houses for good luck, that is how some very old shoes were preserved for a very long time.
  8. Heels were first designed for and worn by men.
  9. The length of your forearm is the same length as your foot.
  10. The officially largest shoe-“store” worldwide is the Shoe Level District in Dubai. With 96 000 square feet and 250 designers, it makes Macy’s shoefloor with 39 000 square feet and Selfridges shoe department with 15 000 square feet of shoes, look ridiculously small.
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