Today started like any other day… but unfortunately it didn’t remain that way. It became a black day. A day I experienced something I never did before, not in such a strong form.

Total confusion of what to feel, parallized. Usually I always try, and most often even see, the positive side of an event or life in general. Today that was hard. Really hard. There was no positive side to the attacks in the heart of Belgium, the beautiful Brussels, this morning, March 22, 2016. There is no use in finding who to blame, it won’t heal the wounds that have been created by these attacks.

All of us, go through experiences like these in a different way, in our own way. Today the engineering part of me, was no use. There was no rationale to find in what happened, no explanation would be sufficient to make us understand why this happened. I couldn’t focus or concentrate, being continuously distracted by feelings of injustice, pain, worry and ‘why?’.

So I deviated from my daily schedule and started designing. Drawing silhouettes of new shoedesigns, soothing my mind, channeling my emotions in a pencil. The pen and the pencil, are so much more powerful than weapons. The shoes are very different from what I designed before. Although I don’t think I will ever bring these designs in production, I needed them today to get me through, prevent me from spontaneously crying for everyone who’s hurt, fighting againts that hopeless feeling about what happened to the world. Was it that bad when I was born? Is it really getting worse or is it only my perception?

Love to Brussels,
Love to victims and everyone around them,
Love to all of you,
Let us be there for each other,