It’s not that I need more shoes, but they keep making them in my size


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Women buy shoes. A little more than we need. Maybe a lot more than we need. But fact is, they have something wonderful and magical. We are naturally attracted to shoe stores and when we see a pair of pumps in that exact color shade we love, we just have to buy them. Unfortunately rationally thinking men don’t really get it. They don’t see the difference between the shoes filling up the shelves in your shoe closet and they definitely don’t get why you would need more. So I’ll help you. As an engineer myself (and girlfriend of one) I trained myself in finding perfectly reasonable excuses for buying an addition to my nice shoe collection. I have to admit, the number of shoes in my collection passed beyond reason, but I call it young foolishness. I am much more rational now, and I buy half the amount of shoes at double the price. So I am on the right track when it comes to quantity.

1. They are an investment for life. Shoes always fit. It doesn’t matter that you gain or lose a few pounds.

2. You need them every day. Not all of them, but at least one pair of them. A shoe collection is quite useful, compared to a stamp or coin collection. Ok, their value doesn’t increase over time, but you can do more with them than just look at them.

3. The more shoes you have, the longer it takes before they wear out, so it is sustainable.

4. Stilettos are good for your health. Because walking around in high heels certainly qualifies as doing sports.

5. Any man questioning the importance of stilettos sure has to look at you more often. If they witness the magic spell of them, enhancing your posture and appeal (also on other men), they will acknowledge that shoes with high heels are far from a waste of money.

6. Shoes don’t take up that much space, and are easy to put away in an orderly fashion. They even can be quite decorative. They should be happy you’re not collecting boudoir tables, bicycles or Chinese vases.

7. Think of something that he really doesn’t like, takes up a lot of space or costs a lot more than shoes and then propose to start collecting those: umbrellas, wall clocks, porcelain teapots, dolls, wall carpets… He’ll reconsider your shoe collection quickly.

8. Look up how much the most expensive shoes in the world cost. Then make an estimate of what the price is of your total shoe closet (if you end up above that number, make a new censored estimate). This way you can show your significant other that you got 100 times more shoes for not even half that price, so he shouldn’t be complaining about the amount of shoes. And should be happy that your most expensive shoes are more than thousand times cheaper.

9. This is a very mean one, but well, if he is mean to your shoe family, you can be a little mean too. It is scientifically and statistically proven that women go shopping when they are unhappy or don’t get enough attention. So if he wants you to buy less shoes, he’ll have to buy you a lot more flowers, cards, chocolates and dinners – and the latter requires a nice outfit and new shoes of course…

If you have a great excuse or argument that makes buying shoes a good deed, let us know! Oh and, in case you buy Elegnano’s here is another one:

10. They last very long. Not only because they are made of high quality materials, but also because of high tech innovative coatings. So one day your grandchildren can even inherit your Elegnano shoes.



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