Meant to be Destiny


I have a confession to make, shopping is not really my thing. Most of the clothes I own, I bought because I came across them by accident, on a Monday at 17.55h coming back from a meeting. Sales are probably the worst time of the year for me. The shops are crowded and messy. All the stock is hanging out in the shop and it takes way too long to find the items you like in your size. There is so much on the hangers and the shop floor, even in the fanciest stores it often looks like a war zone. Later on, when sales are a couple of weeks in, sale shopping becomes too risky. I am very chaotic myself, but in shops I get chills from disorder. So I am automatically attracted to the nicely arranged and cleaned up area of the shop – the new collection. Coming home with bags full of new collection when you went sale shopping feels like a missed opportunity. So I avoid sales. Until the very last days, then they become interesting. That is – for me – shopping at its best. Okay, there is the occasional trap to fall in love with an item of the new collection. But it is much easier to focus on the sales part of the shop floor, since there is very little left. In most shops they even put the items by size, instead of by item. That makes browsing through the left-overs so much easier. Moreover the discount is worth it. There is very little chance that it will be marked down even more. You can really do a great buy without choosing between more discount a few days later and the risk somebody else will buy it.
But the most important reason why I am addicted to this last sale day, is faith. There is nothing like the feeling that there is a dress you like, in your size, left at the very end of the sales. Whether it is a dress, skirt, trousers, shoes, sweater or T-shirt, I call it destiny. It makes the doubting – to buy or not to buy – so much easier. Don’t spoil it by going for a peak at the beginning of sales, it’ll only disappoint you. Have a little faith and a meeting with destiny!

So here I am, ready to have you all experience that feeling with… Elegnano! As you know we don’t do (stock) sales, but we will do “destiny shopping”. Do you have the size of a catwalk model? I bet you do, shoe-size at least. Elegnano did a lot of fashion shows, photoshoots, presentations… during its first year. This resulted in a large stock of Elegnano shoes in all sizes that are only worn once (inside, for a couple of minutes). They still are as good as new. So we offer you this ultimate opportunity, to come check out if there are some nearly new shoes in your size at ridiculous discounts. Experience that lovely feeling of meant to be destiny! If you want, we can even tell you the story of your destiny pair. Keep an eye open on your mailbox, we will hit our hometown soon with an irresistable selection of Elegnano shoes.