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Mother’s Day is coming

Mothersday_bannerEvery second Sunday of May we celebrate Mother’s Day. Although some regions, even in a small country like Belgium, decide to celebrate it on another day, the majority of Europe celebrates it coming Sunday with chocolates, flowers and jewellery. Daddy goes out to buy Mummy a gift, and the children make a gift in school. In my carreer I made a lot of things. From the print of your hand/foot in primary school to a vase or flower arrangement in middle school. To a mum it doesn’t really matter what you get her, even a handwritten card makes her happy. Because that is how mothers are. They put you on this Earth, they know you through and through and they love you unconditionally. If your mum is a shoelover, try to slip into her shoecloset (be aware of booby traps she might have put out for mean thiefs trying to steal her shoes) to check her size and order her a pair of shoes. Although I have to admit, if you do so, she might be less happy with your handwritten card next year.