The higher the heels, the closer to heaven


Lenghten_your-LegsI’m not very tall, not short either, I’m pretty average. But most of my friends, especially the ones that don’t know me so well, think I am tall, 1m80 or something and have very long legs. Both very nice complements, although they are not so true :). That is, because 90% of the time I wear high heels, and dress myself in a way that makes my legs look longer. So this one is for all the ladies! Summer hit the country: Skirts, dresses and shorts are coming out. We like long legs, whether we have them or we don’t, legs can never be too long. Here are 7 tips to make your beautiful legs look longer:

  1. Wear heels. All heels will lengthen your legs. Don’t worry too much about their height, wear something that is comfortable for you. Because you’ll lose the added length by standing crooked if you’re wearing heels that are too high for you.
  2. Wear shoes that have the same color as your legs or panties. In summer that means depending on your tan nude-colors and pink-shades! Or sandals of course. But be aware of tight straps, with high temperatures they might have the opposite effect. If you are not much of dress- or skirtgirl, and prefer to wear trousers, then “wear heels” is all the advise you need. If you wear flared or wide trousers that cover your shoes, your legs will even look longer, because nobody knows how high your heels actually are.
  3. Hide your backside. If you like wearing dresses, this tip is perfect for you. There are a lot of ways to befool others of wear your cute little butt is inside that dress. A-line dresses are great at it, they start weaving out from your waist, so nobody knows where your legs start. The same holds for most dress-types: empire waist dresses, halter dresses, full skirt dresses, maxi-dresses, baby doll dresses and even a lot of wrap dresses.
  4. Wear clothes with a high waistline. If you’re not that much into dresses, tip 2 is not really for you. But for trousers, shorts and skirts this one will come in handy. If the garment to ‘cover’ your legs already starts at your waistline, it is harder to know where your legs start. They’ll look longer. Double the effect by combining it with tip 2: You can go for a poufy skirt, or anything that hides where your backside is, and your legs look ultra-long. But if you do like pencil skirt or shorts, that is no problem. Just go for the skirts or shorts that start high on your waist.
  5. Wear the same color over a large part in the length. If you split the lower part of your body in 2 or 3 pieces, for example with a skirt over the knee, panties and boots, they’ll look short. If you fo for all of them in the same color, it looks rather boring. So better focus on one central feature. To attract all the attention to your legs, Wear a short skirt, dress or short. Not that much into short clothing, wear a long slim skirt, like a pencil skirt, till over your calves, then the skirt will get all the attention. Or even a maxi skirt or dress in a uniform color.
  6. Wear the right skirt/dress length. If you go for dresses or skirts, it is important that the hemline is at a skinnier part of your legs, never on the widest part. You can create length by reducing the width.
  7. Don’t wear clothes that break the length of your legs. Anything going from ankle straps to capri trousers, they cut up your legs in smaller pieces, making them look shorter.

You’ll get the best effect by combining a few of them. Dare to show your legs. Most women have completely unjustified complexes about their legs, calves or thighs. But chances are someone else is jealous of your legs, so don’t hide. If you see someone passing by with incredible legs, you’ll quickly disover one of the tricks above applied. So next time you are home alone, trying on your entire closet, keep these tips in mind and you’ll notice the difference!


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