Katrien Designer Elegnano 2014

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Great that you found your way to the Elegnano blog. From now on, you’ll find news, tips and tricks, stories, fun facts or exclusive behind the scenes sneak peeks. But ALL ABOUT SHOES! If you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll even get a monthly update on what was posted on this blog.

I am Katrien, born with an inexplicable love for shoes and rabbits. They are both irresistible. I remember as a child being totally fanatic over shoes. I had a very distinct taste that did not always match “functional” and “easy”. I always wanted the shoes of Minnie Mouse, Katrien Elegnano jong and I finally got shiny black shoes with a round toe, a strap and a little flower at the age of 4 for my sister’s first Communion (the ones in the picture!). A year later, they became too small, but I didn’t care. I loved them so much and waited so long to get them, that I’d rather squeeze my feet inside those shoes that became 1 or 2 sizes too small, than put them in the shoe bag for charity. I don’t remember when they disappeared, I guess I successfully erased that trauma from my memory.

Over the years it became a passion and fascination. You can’t just make a pair of shoes. Making your own clothes, is manageable, even without taking classes. But making your own shoes… It is a real craftsmanship. I took classes in footwear design and learned how to make shoes in Belgium, Italy, London and the Netherlands. Designing is one thing, but if you know how to make them, you get much more inside and feeling for the shoes.

In October 2014, I decided to take a big step by founding my own footwear label. They are for you, all the ladies who love to be elegant and gracious, but also know what they want in life. For all the women who are not just beautiful butterflies, but also buzzy bees.

If you buy a pair of luxurious and glamourous shoes, you want them to feel great and last long. That is what we try at Elegnano: We make beautiful shoes that don’t need a lot of maintenance. Elegnano brings very exclusive shoes to the market. Of our first capsule collection, there are only 50 pairs of each style. So buying a pair, means only 49 other women worldwide have the same pair of shoes. Really limited edition!

But this blog will not be only about Elegnano, it’ll be about shoes, our love for shoes, how they are made, how you best wear them, how it is like to run a footwear label, and so much more. Welcome in our little magic world!



Katrien Designer Elegnano 2014